Dedicated Logistics

When you hear the name Day & Ross, you may not think of dedicated logistics, but our customers’ successes and results will have you thinking again. Dedicated is what the team at Day & Ross Dedicated Logistics is and what we do. Our years of experience in developing custom engineered solutions in dedicated transportation and contract carriage provide real results.

Our goal is to assist clients in ensuring reliable delivery service to their customer networks, while reducing operating costs and improving overall performance. As Canada’s largest dealer delivery network, we commit to provide the expertise and capabilities to identify and improve potential efficiencies, minimize risk and implement new supply chain technology. Results definitely worth exploring for yourself - contact Day & Ross Dedicated Logistics now.

Our History

Day & Ross Transportation Group started back in 1950 in Hartland New Brunswick, from our humble beginnings transporting potatoes. Proud to be a wholly owned subsidiary of McCain Foods; proud to be 100% Canadian owned and operated. Day & Ross Transport started our Dedicated Logistics Division in 1994. Since then we have grown to be one of the largest providers of dedicated services in Canada with over $170M in contracted annual revenue and continuing to grow. Our growth is driven by our reputation of working in partnership with our clients to meet and often exceed expectations.


  • Over $170M in annual revenues
  • Contract-based business model
  • 19 operational facilities across Canada
  • True coast-to-coast operational coverage
  • 800+ employees
  • 600+ Dedicated Power Equipment; 1,400+ Trailers
  • Canada's largest automotive dedicated dealer fulfillment operation executing over 2,000 deliveries across Canada each day
  • Grown over 20% year over year for the last 5 years
  • Service delivery has earned Day & Ross Dedicated Logistics an unprecedented customer retention of over 90%
  • National On-Time Performance 99.14%
  • Over 30 years of dedicated logistics experience
One of the most important strengths of Day & Ross Dedicated Logistics is their high level of familiarity with our business, and the dedicated resources they have assigned to our account.