A Focus on your Priorities

A smooth implementation is a key success factor for any successful partnership. Our approach is to take on the “heavy lifting” wherever feasible, managing as much of the planning, coordination, and implementation of the program as possible, thus allowing your staff to focus on their specific areas of accountability.

Our dedicated “Launch Team” of implementation experts and Senior Executives will plan and complete the program implementation with flawless execution. Dedicated service is the foundation of our model: our highly experienced team will ensure uninterrupted support throughout the launch period with a consistent focus on your priorities.

Launch Team

The Launch Team is a full time group of specialists that is 100% dedicated to start ups and major continuous improvement projects. The Launch Team’s focus is on going in, assessing the situation, optimizing efficiencies, and taking the cost out of transportation through expert analysis, benchmarking, and investigating.

The Launch Team experts are fully engaged with start up projects and client support and only leave when they are done and efficiencies are in place and ready to go. Our commitment to a full time dedicated team benefits clients with first, top level expertise at start up and then the confidence knowing that your experienced operations team will not be pulled off your account for other start-ups.

The proof is in our customers’ successes. With such an experienced launch team regionally positioned, Day & Ross Dedicated Logistics successfully launched a challenging 5-province, 230 a day delivery of unattended, nighttime store fulfillment operation for a large automotive manufacturer.