Our approach

Solving our clients’ logistics issues with practical, dynamic solutions that improve efficiencies and often lead to reduced assets deployment is top priority. It is because of our solutions-based focus that Day & Ross Dedicated Logistics has achieved unprecedented growth year after year.

Where do we start?

Our cost-analysis solutions process starts with listening to our clients and gaining a better understanding of their needs. We ask the right questions to understand where the best solutions may be explored.

We then gather a team of well tenured logistics experts within Day & Ross Dedicated Logistics to build a customized solution strategy. Our engineers are deployed to assess customer data, which often leads to data scrubbing to ensure accuracy at the onset. Data analysis is supported by an experienced Operations Team that understands what it means to take the cost out of transportation through carefully investigated opportunities for efficiency-gain. A custom solution is built using our routing tools to establish optimum resource deployment of assets, as well as non-asset support and technology deployment.

Metrics to Drive Cost Out

Fuel Management

  • Over Speed
  • Over RPM
  • Long Idle
  • Fuel Burn Rate
  • Fuel Theft
  • Poor Performing Vehicles
  • Fuel Network Compliance


  • Citations Received
  • Over the Road (OTR) Speeding
  • Sudden Starts
  • Sudden Stops
  • Hours of Service (HOS) Violations
  • Inter, Pre, Post Trip Violations
  • Accidents

Route Performance

  • Cargo Claims
  • Service Time
  • Total Miles
  • On Time Percentage
  • Message Compliance
  • Load Acceptance
The Dedicated team is very customer focused. They may be a very large company, but they make us feel very important.